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Aiming at providing a 24h / 24h archive of EGNOS messages, ESA has launched a new service called EGNOS Message Server (EMS). The EMS service is accessible free-of-charge, using standard means (specifically, the FTP protocol). In practical terms, EMS is accessible by simply introducing an address in Internet Explorer or Netscape Web browsers.

EMS stores the augmentation messages broadcast by EGNOS in hourly text files, which are organised over a pre-defined hierarchy of directories. All the information necessary to access EMS and exploit its data is explained in the EMS User Interface Document (UID). This document can be understood as a comprehensive EMS user guide, focusing both on developers of applications and also on general users wanting to simply browse the EMS archive.

The ESA EMS service opens the door to new forms of synergy between the EGNOS system and the Internet. Some possible applications are:

  • Interfacing simulation / analysis tools to EMS, being able to automatically evaluate the EGNOS performances over a given period.
  • Combining GPS data from the IGS network sites with EGNOS messages got from EMS, being able to assess EGNOS performances at the location of the IGS sites. An interpolation process could easily derive performance maps covering Europe.
  • Performing EGNOS tests using GPS-only receivers. Using GPS-only data and the EGNOS messages got from EMS, it is possible to apply the EGNOS corrections and integrity information on the post-processing stage.
  • Test of EGNOS receivers. EMS data can be used offline to simulate the presence of the EGNOS Signal-in-Space, easing algorithm testing.
  • Test of SISNeT-enabled EGNOS receivers. In this case, the presence of SISNeT can be simulated offline, saving communication costs (e.g. GSM or GPRS fees).

EMS constitutes and enhancement of the possibilities offered by the ESA SISNeT project: while SISNeT allows accessing the EGNOS messages in real-time, EMS permits an offline access to a huge archive of already broadcast messages.

The use of EMS is based on the understanding of the Disclaimer.


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