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The new version 2.0 of the EMS offers the following features:

- Broadcast archive of three EGNOS PRNs: 120, 124 and 126, the WAAS PRN 122 (till Feb 2006) and ESTB PRN 131 (till mid 2005)
- Time stamp associated to SBAS messages in the EMS files is now referred to GPS time, instead of UTC time.

ESA launched the version 2.0 in mid December 2004. Following the switch to version 2.0, the EMS will include the following two directories:

- "pub", containing EMS v2 files.
- "old_data", containing the data collected during the operational life of EMS versions 1.0 and 1.1.

Responding to the modifications performed in version 2.0 of the EMS platform, a new issue of the EMS User Interface Document (Issue 2, Revision 0) has been released. This document is available for free download here.

UPDATE 17/02/2022:

The new Multi-band EMS version has been release with the following features:

- Support for SBAS 1F and DFMC messages
- Support for other non SBAS messages - New message format for SBAS DFMC and non SBAS messages. SBAS 1F messages will remain in the same format as in previous EMS versions.

The Multi-band EMS version can be downloaded here.

EGNOS Message Server will remain in version 2.0



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