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2 Mar 2011: EGNOS 'Safety of Life' Service Available

1 Oct 2009 : EGNOS ‘Open Service’ available.

Dear EGNOS user,

Please note the following EGNOS status and planning information.

The ownership of the EGNOS system has been transferred to the European Union, represented by the European Commission. The EGNOS system is operated for and on behalf of the European Union by: “European Satellite Services Provider SAS, Toulouse, France.”

Currently the signal broadcast by the EGNOS satellites AOR-E (PRN120) and the IOR-W (PRN 126) is used for EGNOS Operations and the ESA ARTEMIS satellite (PRN 124) is currently used by Industry to perform various tests on the system.

Aiming at promoting the technical understanding of the EGNOS system, signals and service provided, the European Space Agency has created a dedicated website called EGNOS Resources. This section is mainly addressed to Satellite Navigation specialists involved in satellite navigation Research and Development; universities; EGNOS performance monitoring and development of EGNOS based applications and services. Through this web page you may access some ESA dedicated services and detailed technical information on EGNOS. Specifically this web site addresses the following areas:

  • Provision of real time information on EGNOS performance
  • Broadcast of EGNOS messages and other useful information through the Internet using the ESA SISNET technology
  • EGNOS Message Server ( EMS): the archive of EGNOS broadcasted messages
  • EGNOS educational resources and tools.

When you access the specific web pages please take note about the conditions for the use, the specifications and the disclaimer provided.




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